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We are always welcoming new members at Meteor, so if you are interested in membership please contact us or apply online now.


Membership of the club brings the advantage of being able to hit the water any day of the week. 

There is currently no joining fee. The annual subscription rates are shown below.

Some junior skiers at the club house

Annual Subscriptions


Adult Member (21 years or older on 1st January): £320

First Family Member: £320

Second Family Member: £170

Third and Subsequent Family Members: £90

Young Adult Member (16 to 21 inclusive on 1st January): £200

Junior Member (under 16 on 1st January): £155

Student Member (bona fide full time student 16 to 25 inclusive on 1st January): £200

Senior Member:

Age 65 to 69 £320.

Age 70 to 74 £255. 

Age 75 to 79 £215

Age 80+ £100

Associate Member: £30

How to apply


We like to encourage those thinking of joining the club to come down any evening after 5pm to meet a few members and have a chat about membership. While there you can hand in a completed application form which you can print from here.

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