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IrWWF Events

IrWWF slalom League events 2023

20 to 23 July


5 August


19 August

Wake n Ski Watersports Club

12 and 13 August

Irish Water Ski Nationals will be held at Golden Falls WaterSki Club

  • The dates for the 6 rounds of the 2023 slalom league are listed above with your best 5 scores to count.

  • Three of the six rounds will be held at Meteor, making it much easier to get involved.

  • The Meteor rounds can be skied anytime during the week of 22 to 25 June and the week of 20 to 23 July.

  • Visitors from other clubs will travel to Meteor for the event on 5 August.

  • To encourage more skiers to take part, the Federation will pay your Ski licences for this year, so you only pay the entry fee for each round you wish to participate in.


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