Open Skiiing

We welcome non-members down to Meteor during the season (May to September) during Open Skiing times when they can come and use our excellent facilities. As well as an opportunity for members of the public to get out on the water for a ski or wakeboard set, Open Skiing times are an excellent way for those thinking of applying to join to get a feel for the club.

As with club rentals all the club equipment is available for use, including waterskis, wakeboard, life-jackets, wetsuits and so on - all you need to bring is some swimwear and a towel. Beginners are especially welcome on Open Nights and can get up and skiing on the boom alongside the boat before trying the real thing at the end of a towrope!

How it works

Everyone is welcome to turn up at the club during an Open Skiing time and put their name down on the list for a set on the water. A set lasts 10 minutes (or for competent skiers 6 passes through the slalom or ski-jump course). The list is worked through on a first-come, first-served basis. When you have finished a set, you may then put your name at the bottom of the list for another set. Non-members are charged £25 Adult, £20 Under 18s per set but members of other IWWF affiliated clubs get a number of discounted sets per year.

Open Skiiing times

The club is always open to non-members on Monday Nights during the season (May to September) from 6:45pm until dusk (or the last person has left).

In addition, during the busy months of the summer the club often has a day-time driver on weekdays. Non-members are welcome to use the club when the day-time driver is on duty between the hours of and not yet confirmed on weekdays. For exact dates of when the day-time driver is available check the news section of the website but as a rough guide it is usually from mid-June to the end of August.

If you have any questions please send an email to our Secretary, you'll find their details on the contact us page. You'll also find there'll always be people hanging about the club who'll be able to answer any questions you have while you're there. We'll look forward to seeing you at Meteor soon.